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The Smartboard

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Hello everyone. I have been introduced to the interactive smartboard recently and I love it. I have found that it is something that I can use in my classroom with my kids and we are enjoying the experience. The smartboard has all the things we as teachers need to teach our kids. I do understand that it is an expensive piece of equiptment but if the schools have the money to purchase it they will not be dissapointed. I have found that the smart board can enhance learning for all the students and it is able to reach each child right where he or she is. I have began using smartboard to teaching reading and math lesson as reviews or backups to the actual blackboard or book lessons. I am finding that this is improving their skills in both math and reading and they are find it a joy to do something different. The students believe that they are learning something that is helping them in their everyday life. The smartboard helps them with the social interaction with each other as well. The interactive smartboard gets my stamp of approval.

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