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peer mentoring

Demetria Parks

Hello all. I am a second grade teacher and I am concerned about all students as they are going to the next grade levels. There are many children today who don't have roll models or if they do they are not very good ones for them. My school does peer mentoring for its students who are having problems dealing with other students. They are sort of like the go betweens for the students. I am looking at seeing things done alittle differently now. I feel as a teacher, a mother, and just a person that mentoring should start as early as possible. A first grader should be able to look at a second or third grader and see what they can be expected to do when they get there. Not that every person is the same, but the rules of the school game are pretty much the same. Students need to know when they get to the next level this is what I can look forward to. Students and teachers and even parents can make participate in these mentoring programs to make a difference in all of us.

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Dear Demetria Parks,

You Got It Right, absolutely important...
You are doing fantastic work at your school...


Based on my introductory comments about Early Elementary Ed Learning Centers, (in my first message reply) let me know how much more information you would like:

Next up, I would suggest 2 inexpensive Art and Science and Math Learning Tools:

1. "Helix" 4 Piece Medium Technical Drawing Set = $4.00
at any Office (Max/Depot/Staples etc.) Big box Store
includes excellent quality see-thru clear plastic Geometry and Math Tools: 8" ruler, Right Triangle (90/60/30 degrees), Isosceles Right Triangle(90/45/45),and a Semi-Circle Protractor (maybe online also, check Amazon...

-- very cool for Art/Drawing Fun (and Math and Geometry Shapes...)

2. Bausch & Lomb 5X (plastic pocket-case) Magnifier Packette =$10
at etc.

Totally awesome OBSERVATION Tool for Discovery Learning and
Project-Based Learning centers (to be continued...)
I will post my "Education Fun" blog link later today...
it has a brief review and suggestions for classroom use...
gotta go to work... speak to you later...

Allen Berg

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