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What do teachers buy out of their own pocket?

What do teachers buy out of their own pocket?

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Every year both my kids get teachers some cheesy gift for xmas. I thought it might be a better idea to make supply baskets as gifts. I know so many teachers buy stuff out of their own pocket, but I am looking for ideas as to what types of things.

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T. Wood's picture
T. Wood
Grandmotherof a first grader and a third grader

Here are just a few items I have puurchased in the past: posted notes index, cards, high liters, and dri ink markers

Julie Bingaman's picture

This is a wonderful idea! Every year around X-mas time I put up a wish list for parents. They get a choice of what to get the classroom if they want to. As a teacher here are some things we lack, especially by the middle of the year.

*Tissue boxes
*Clorox/Lysol wipes
*Hand sanatizer
*Board Markers (dry erase)

Thank you so much for this initiative...pass it along because most teachers all over the nation would love it if their presents become classroom supplies.

kristie Pace's picture

What a wonderful idea! On average a teacher spends between 1,000 and 5,000 dollars a year in their classroom.
I find that tape, paper clips, a zip drive, pens to check work, any art supplies, card stock, markers for the white board, Lysol, etc
You will find that most teachers appreciate usable things so any of these would be wonderful.
Maybe donating a book to the class or a gift certificate to Staples?
Thanks for caring!

kristie Pace's picture

First, it is so thoughful of you to consider giving your child's teacher a gift, thanks!
I love the idea of giving something useful. How about the following:
zip drive, art supplies, white board markers, correction pens, gift card to Amazon (I buy professional books online), paper clips, multi colored circles for labeling books, etc..
Remember no matter what you give your child's teacher will appreciate your thoughts!

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