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Moving From Novice to Expert in Education

Moving From Novice to Expert in Education

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Through my online master's course we are learning about areas of knoweldge we need in order to become expert teachers. At first glance, I felt as though I was implementing all knoweldge areas but still didn't feel like an expert teacher. It was not until I really examined the six areas that I realized that while I understand what the knowledge needed to be an expert teacher and try to implement it in my classroom, I am not always successful and often revert back to the "easy road" to get things done. For example, while I know my students all learn differently and that they all require different styles of learning, sometimes it is easier to just "teach the text" to complete the lesson. Another area that I struggle with is being creative with disciplining. Sometimes I feel so bombarded with everything else it is just easier to take away recess or have a "talk" with the student. When I really sat down and evaluated my teaching using the criteria presented in the article Becoming Expert Teachers by Robert J. Garmston, I realized that time and feeling overwhelmed with the additional requirements of teaching is affecting my ability to become an expert teacher. I meet some of the criteria to become an expert teacher, but I don't meet all of them. I am sure if I changed my mindset about teaching to meet the requirements to teaching to meet the needs of my students would change my ability to conquer the knowledge areas to become a expert teacher. Unfortunately, while I would love to focus on teaching the children there are still those underlying requirements that if not met could potentially cause me to lose my job. So what do you do? How do you become an expert teacher with all of the other requirements weighing down on you? How do you effectively teach ALL of your students and meet ALL of their needs without feeling so overwhelmed and getting burnt out?

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I'm doing reseach on what is an novice and expert teacher. For a class paper. I looking for some of opinions from other teachers on their view of expert teacher. I truly beleive that their is not an expert techers. Just teacher who continue expand their understanding of how to teach in our constanly changing world of teachingt.

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