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Let's do something fun!!!

Gaetan Pappalardo Teacher, Author, Guitar––Word.

Debating education is darn right tiring. I feel like I've been doing it for a very long time. Let's do something fun.

I remember laughing my face off while watching Bill Cosby's show, "Kids Say the Darndest Things". Let's share some funny stories and kid quotes.

Here's one that happened many moons ago. You'll see why I'll never forget it. (Fictional names of course)

A young man rushed out of the bathroom, "Mr. P. Joey has his pants down."

"What?" I ran into the bathroom to see Joey using the urinal with his pants around his ankles.

"Joey!" I said, firmly.

"Huh" Joey replied and turned sideways still going.

Unfortunately, there was someone using the urinal next to him.

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Kindergarten Teacher


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One of my students told me that he can't wait till he's a little older so he can move to Alaska. "That way I won't have to go to school," he said. ????? I didn't know what direction to take this teachable-moment!! Geography? Politics? hahaha! Instead I decided to address his reasons for not wanting to be in school. :)

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