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Whole Brain Teaching

Chase Dowell

Hello World of Educators!!!

I am a student in my junior year of college. I have been researching many techniques to use inside the classroom to teach either kindergarten or first graders. One that has stood out to me is the Whole Brain teaching method.

If you have used this method, please elaborate on how it did or did not work for your students. Also, if you have any ideas on how to implement this method, please do so as well.

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I love the Whole brain teaching

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I found the whole brain teaching on Youtube last year while I was researching anything on kindergarten. I fell in love with it. I wrote down everything I could find on the video and went to the website also. Next day, I started to show Five rules (I used the rules from the Kindergarten classroom video, not the one from the website),and also "Class/Yes" "Hands and Eyes" and more. Wow!
It really works. It is simple. "Teach/OK" is a great way to share in the classroom. I use them all day long.
This year, I am teaching first grade, and my students already know the Five rules with movement, most of the command. I truly believe that my students are in the calm and smooth environment because of these "tools".
I truly recommend this to any new (or experienced) teachers to try this.

i love working whait kid's

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i love working whait kid's

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