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How are you using Interactive Technology?

How are you using Interactive Technology?

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Last school year I introduced my 3rd grade special education students to my Tablet PC, named Pal. They loved it. I used Pal and my data projector to project images on our whiteboard. The students would take turns coming up to Pal to select the answer, drag and drop, and sometimes write on the screen. For the most part we did the writing on the image that was projected on the white board. The kids loved it. I had 15 kids and each one eagerly awaited the opportunity to come to the front and work on Pal or the white board. Kids love writing on the whiteboard.

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Emerged's picture
Program Director, Lead Teacher, MA in Teaching, Systems Engineer

I envy you. I've been using a laptop with a TV setup. I've been eyeing the iPad (so many good ed. apps!), but it's video output doesn't mirror the desktop on screen, it only shows videos. So no interactive learning games, touch games, etc except on it's little iPad screen. What tablet are you using?

Judy Dickman's picture

I have a Promethean Interactive board in my K classroom and wonder how I ever taught without it. It hooks up to the computer so that you can put actual web pages, such as, and do interactive activities such as calendar. I also scan workbook pages to make flipcharts so we can work on a page together. The kids love it!

Mary Vann's picture

We are lucky to have several iPads in our classroom and we use them to help students who need more challenge with games like Stack the States and US Puzzle Map, Mathaliens and Analogies, and students who need to brush up on skills with games like My Phonics and Word Magic. The interactive tablets as so user friendly that all the children love them. Thank you Apple!

Giselle Calejo's picture
Giselle Calejo
2nd Grade Bilingual Teacher in San Antonio, Texas

My classroom technology consists of an overhead projector. That's it. I have a Donors Choose project to get a projector, and even then, I'd have to use my own laptop for presentations. I'd be happy with an ELMO.

Katherine Streitz's picture
Katherine Streitz
2nd Grade Teacher from St. Paul, Minnesota

We have available technology and one tech/math mentor in our building ao about 400 prek-8 students. We have to check out tech equipment. My classroom is on the garden level and the cart of computers doesn't work consistently at our floor level. We have one mobile smart board (large) and some smaller smart boards. I just purchased a flip camera to use to show individual student progress. I will start with filming groups such as (1) fluency reading and (2)Practicing math facts with a buddy. Timed math facts 100 in 4 min. is our 1/2 Grd. team coal. Some students will have a higher goal as there are near reaching 100 addition facts in 4 min. With the flip camera we can observe techniques used by buddies. We can also use videos to encourage peers as they keep track of progress in data folders. Any suggestions, tips? Thank you all for being here.

Ms. A.'s picture

A consider myself and my students to be fortunate to have a Promethean Board in my classroom. Interactive Whiteboards can be student or teacher centered. The websites we use interactively are, spellingcity, and brainpop. While one student comes to the board, the others have individual white boards where they record their responses. They all hold up their answers to give the student at the board a hint. The kids really love it. I'm developing an interactive ebook that addresses many of the 3rd grade ELA standards. Check it out- - It's called Login and Learn.

Mandy Andersen's picture
Mandy Andersen
Middle School Math and Science Teacher from Montana

I love the idea to keep the other students working with by using the boards at their desks. I have an interactive white board with a laptop and projector. I love it, but struggle finding ways to keep everyone involved, this is worth a try.

Eyal Kaminka, Phd.'s picture
Eyal Kaminka, Phd.
Leading Educator at Joytunes

Interesting post and comments. "My two cents" on this topic: interactive shouldn't be only in class but also at home. You can use wonderful resources that are available 'out there' to get the kids working after school. By the way, I know of schools that have all the means and technology, and the usage is so poor (meaning, the kids are not motivated to work and learn). Did we mention the human factor already...???

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