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A New Challenge; Full Day K/1 class.....Yikes!

A New Challenge; Full Day K/1 class.....Yikes!

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Our district has recently decided to implement full day kindergarten. Originally they were not going to have any K/1 splits but that changed! So here I am facing a new teaching challenge after 19 years in the classroom. Many of our early primary teachers have pulled together to face this challenge through networking with one another. I have taught a K/1 class before but the K's went home before lunch!! Any tips or tricks appreciated here!!

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Noelle's picture
Elementary teacher

Hi Debbie! I taught a K/1 with all day kinders my first year teaching. I know it seems impossible to have full day kindergarteners, but they adjust! Yes, they get tired, but eventually they acclimate to the schedule. I found that keeping my lessons interactive and engaging in the afternoon really helped. Keep them moving! I utilized a lot of TPR, drama, art, and music after lunch-anything kinesthetic ?
I'm sure you've experienced this, but I love how the first graders can guide your kinders, especially with all those little things like lining up and how to sit in circle. This is a great opportunity to utilize peers for lessons. It's so exciting to watch your first graders helping your kinders write their name or sound out a letter. I truly enjoyed this combo!

Kindergarten Teacher's picture

Hi Debbie,

Full Day K is terrific! I am in my 3rd year teaching it and love it. I'll never go back! We keep our program appropriate for Kindergarten -- it isn't mini 1st grade. You'll be giving your students the gift of time, since you won't be rushing them as much from workshop to workshop, etc... They have room to breathe, and so will you!

Good luck!

TARA-MOM's picture

What truly is the 1st grade expectations for all subjects in public school?

natasha bradley's picture

Hi, Debbie
I know it might seem exhausting, but it's not. I work at a charter school and they have always had full days for k-1. The kinder teacher starts with morning work, free play, reading, free play, lunch, recess, rest time, math, and finishes with free play. Sometimes she complains she does not have enough time to do the skills she would like to incorporate for the small ones. Most do not sleep at rest time, because their so pumped they want to continue working. It will be adjustment, but it is worth it. With all the testing the children have to do after second grade, they need all the school hours to prepare them.

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