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Sonia primary teacher

I need some help with a project for my diploma in Learning and Teaching with Technology. I am putting together ideas and resources for primary teachers to use in supporting their math unit on Numbers. More specifically place value and counting. I'd appreciate hearing how some of you are using technology to support number sense.

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4th Grade Teacher from Indio, CA


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Hello Sonia,
While I don't have a unit on place value yet, I do use technology to teach math. What I do is look at all the different ways to assess a math concept. Then I decide which words are necessary for the students to get the concept and then create a video that teaches the vocabulary. I also create a video that teaches the procedure to solve that math concept and then one on how to apply it. I post all these videos on my website for students to view at home or download through iTunes. It's unbelievable how many students can hardly sit through a 15 min lesson but will come up to me and say, "I say all your videos last night." That is cool feeling.

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really cool adrian. I need to use more tech in math. One of my goals.

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Check out this program and

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Check out this program and the download is free for Addition. and download the Addition program free.

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