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Developing vocabulary

Elizabeth Laverty

My kindergarten team is looking for new fun ways to help our students develop vocabulary. As kindergarten teachers it is our responsibility to lay down a firm foundation for our students' educational careers. We strongly feel that having a large vocabulary will enable students to be successful academically and socially. All of our students come from low income families, a significant portion of them are ELL or bi-lingual, and the majority of our students come to us with poor vocabulary. We use flash cards with pictures, visuals in lessons, movement, songs, small groups, and some themed units to help our students but we feel like we can do more. Our students do develop better vocabulary but we want to teach it to them quicker and more of it over the course of the year. With the new school year rapidly approaching we are eager to hear what other teachers are doing to help develop vocabulary in their classrooms and hope to implement them in our own.

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