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New Teaching Style?Help!Have YOu heard of this?

Kelly Reeder

My sons' charter school is starting a new "program" in fifth grade. Basically it goes like this:  There are three teachers who are planning on teaching one group of 27-29 kids for three days, then that class rotates to the next teacher for three days, then the last teacher for the last three days. 1st teacher teaches all subjects in the "traditional style of teaching" 3 days2nd teacher teaches all subjects in the "Kagan style of teaching, cooperative learning" 3 days3rd teacher teaches all subjects in a "Technology based classroom" where the class will be divided into three different groups of nine each. (individual learning, group learning, computer learning) Has anyone ever heard of doing such a thing?  I am worried about how these teachers are going to assess the students.  The teachers presented this "idea" in an hour to a handful of parents, they said they got the idea from this site, . The principal is in full support, but neither her or the teachers have any research to show us on how this method works.Can anyone out there fill me in on this style of teaching? Thank you. 

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