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Group settings in the classroom . Is it beneficial?

taborah darby

In the classroom it sometimes is hard to keep focus. Having group settings within the classroom can be beneficial in somecases. With a group setting not only do the student have the oppurtunity to help and discuss with each other, the group inspire each other and their grades will show proof of their work as a group and and a whole . Any comments regarding group settings in the classroom?

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Parent of 3 elementary aged children.

As a parent to 2 advanced

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As a parent to 2 advanced readers, I have a problem with groups. I find, that it in no way benefits my children except to hold them back from advancing further. Besides it is NOT my childs job to teach anyone how to read. My children do not get a salary with benefits nor a pension. I want my kids to be grouped with other advanced readers to increase their critical thinking. It's a schools job and the parents job to help the students who are having difficulty reading. This is just another reason I get so angry about paying such HIGH taxes in NJ. 40% of our schools students are below grade level reading. WHY?

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Group settings are beneficial

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Group settings are beneficial to students because they can learn to cooperate, compromise, and socialize. They can be prepared to working well with other people of their own age and, as they grow older, their co workers in a job setting. I think more group work should be enforced in all grades k-12, as well. The group settings benefit the teacher because teachers can stop doing lecturing and let students try to work things out while they walk around the classroom and watch his/her students and provide assistance if necessary.

5th Grade Dual Language Teacher in Irving, Texas

Absolutely Beneficial!

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I have my students grouped in their seating arrangements, and I also group them for collaborative work. I have found that my students are more engaged and are able to help one another when they work in a group environment.

Yes, the classroom can get noisy from time to time, but, if I walk around the room and listen to what is being discussed, I can hear the academic conversations going on and can tell that real learning is taking place.

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