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Exemplary K-4 Technology Programs, Anyone?

Exemplary K-4 Technology Programs, Anyone?

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Hey all, I'm new to this group, but old :-) to the world of elementary education. It recently has come to me that the K-4 programs I have more or less organically grown over the past 14 years are not really in line with what my administrator(s) believe a K-4 tech program should be. That realization has been humbling and perplexing, especially in light of the administration's perhaps understandable inability to tell me just what they want. They don't really know--I'm supposed to be the "expert." Long story short, I applied for a grant that my school offers for summer professional development, and to my surprise I received it. My task is now to identify school with "exemplary" K-4 technology approaches and programs and to travel to as many of them between now and the start of school in August as I can finance with the modest award. I plan to interview, observe, document, and share my findings--likely in a journal article somewhere I think most appropriate. I'm currently keeping track of suggestions at a wiki, http://merrickquakerhill2010.wikispaces.com . Do you know a K-4 tech program that is "doing it right?" One that "gets it" and utilizes resources (whatever ones they've identified and implemented for such a program) to "make it happen?" If so, please respond here with the school name and (if you have it) a contact name. You can also DM me at Twitter @scottmerrick. Any help will be appreciated!

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Gaetan Pappalardo
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Sounds like you have an opportunity to do some cool stuff. I would love to chat with you about your search for the "right program." However, I'm not sure if there is a "right program" in tech. It seems that your admin are just as perplexed as you are. I teach third grade and use wikis, podcasts, blogs, word, powerpoint, audacity, garageband, Internet. I write and record a whole CD with the class every year. It's amazing what kids can do at such an early age. They just need the resources and the time to do it. check out some of the stuff I do with tech here. Send me a personal message and we can set something up.





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I am currently putting together technology professional development for my school. I love your list of schools, do you have any details on pd at those schools?

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