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Reading incentives

Patty Bain Bachner

Hello! I am new to this group and am also the newly hired Project Director for The Engineers' Leadership Foundation's(ELF) program, "Engineering Better Readers." We've just initiated a new reading incentive program for elementary schools which are low-performing (Stage 3 or 4)and also have rates of F & RL rates of 85% or higher. Basically, children will read books for points which they can use to purchase in the school store for both big (Wi's, bikes, Ipods) and small toys. ELF will donate $5000 at the beginning of the year to purchase the toys and will replenish in Janauary. Children can save points or spend at will. Is this something that you feel would work in your school? Is it something that you would WANT in your school?
What are your feelings about incentives?
I would really appreciate your feedback as the program is in its infancy! Thank you so much! Patty

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As a Kindergarten teacher, I

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As a Kindergarten teacher, I have to admit there are some incentives involved in my classroom. Kids are encouraged to read (books, poems, etc.) as a class using a marble jar. Students have to work together to fill the jar and when it is full they can vote on a reward (extra recess, rootbeer floats, etc.) However, this is not only an incentive to read, it is also a creative way to get them to work as a class. The students can only receive a marble if ALL of the class has read their book to at least three people the previous night. I often see my kids reading to their older siblings while waiting for the bus or even reading to each other before school. It is a super cheap way to encourage reading and team work!

I also think it is important to model excitement for reading! I enjoy reading and as we read our chapter book (most of the time I am reading it to them) each day, we talk about our different ideas and perspectives and make predictions. It is very interesting for them to learn what the other kids are thinking. It also helps them to be open to others' ideas and suggestions!

I would love to have this

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I would love to have this program in my school

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