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I am a mom, a full-time student, and author of a blog called Kindergarten Bullies. I started the blog because my daughter, in pre-K, came home telling a story about her peers actively excluding a girl in her class. She had mentioned other incidents before. I started researching bullying in kindergarten. It turns out from the studies I have found that its prevalence is similar to later grades. This shocked me although, I remember being bullied in kindergarten. I write the blog to increase awareness about bullying, but specifically about bullying in kindergarten. I have a lot of opinions, some not alaways popular. The reason I post here is I would like to hear from educators of smaller children what their response is to bullying. How do they handle it? Is it a problem in the classroom? Or grades 1-3 do you feel some behaviors could be changed if there was increased priming and focus on social learning at early ages. I would love to hear from you. I will not share your information on my blog, unless you say it is alright. I only mentioned it in the interest of full disclosure. I would like to know for my own interest what your experiences are. Thanks for reading and responding! I know teaching is incredibly hard and I thank you for all you do!

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