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Earth Day

Gaetan Pappalardo Teacher, Author, Guitar––Word.

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It's pretty obvious to why we should teach environmental sciences. The future of the planet is a pretty big responsibility. This is important. This is necessary. So why is it so overlooked in schools except on Earth day? Why is Earth Day a holiday? Should it be? Should it be another day to use paper to write letters to the government about how they should protect the oceans? Should it be another day to have a party with plastic forks and cups and spoons? I'm not sure. Earth Day week was my favorite week of the year. I've gone so far as to design a different environmental t-shirt for each day of the week leading up to April 22nd. I loved it. I think Earth Day should be a life style, not a special day. But If you choose to do anything on Earth Day you should do, well, LESS. Right? Use less paper, electricity, plastic, etc... Use less so the future will be more.

What do you think?


ps. Hoot if your B-day is on Earth Day. Mine is.

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