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The Common Core Standards from Obama

Ms. Michelle Why do you need a summary

Since Obama became president many changes have popped up, though some may have good or bad outcomes. One of these changes have been about education: the Common Core Standards have changed the way students take tests. Students now have more classes required to take. In a word, more students should be learning more.

But does this system, this national system of education, really benefit our society? Does it really put more people in a position to support more learning availability and to want to advance in their educational opportunities in their future, such as applying for colleges? Or does this system waste money in the nation and only funds the government to set up students for failure?

What I'm asking is, should there be a national system for education? Would this give the government too much power, and would this give an incentive to increase the support of communism? (More people nowadays are joining the communism political party)

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