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Love and Communication

Gaetan Pappalardo Teacher, Author, Guitar––Word.

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Track: Love and Communication
Note: This is a strange, mishmash of a blog.

I'm always thinking about what I'm doing as a teacher. And (Sadly) how the outside world (administration-government, etc…) affects my influence. I guess you have to take the good with the bad. (Do you?)

Random blog shift…

I've had a recent experience in a hospital that was quite baffling. To make a long story short, a bunch of doctors were treating a patient and every time the patient's family asked the doctors what was the next step in treatment, they kept on passing the buck to the next doctor. The patient's family finally asked, "Don't you guys get together and discuss the case? Do you communicate with each other?" Basically, the answer was, "Not really."

You would think with the technology at hand, a hospital filled with intelligent human beings would naturally get together, intelligently discuss the case, make a plan, and execute the plan. Not. I love technology, but it will never replace the big human ideas.



Who (what) are we creating as teachers? I know, within my own classroom walls, I teach my kids to be thinkers, collaborators, creative souls, innovators, etc... But the outside forces seem to be pushing against this type of teaching, thinking. The outside forces want data; they want test scores and charts and graphs. So what are teachers forced to do? They spend time creating single-minded students to answer single-minded questions.

Are we breeding test takers or citizens?

Are we breeding competitive souls or collaborative souls?

Are we breeding robots or humans?


Outcome: When you have brilliant doctors not sharing their brilliance to make a super duper brilliant team, we’ve lost.

Great Youtube video on assessment.

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