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Teaching and Learning is So Complex I needed to hit Pause.

Teaching and Learning is So Complex I needed to hit Pause.

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Now Playing>> Pause. "I just find it sad that about 40% of kids in third grade can't read at grade level. So-- it must be hard for you guys (generic usage)trying to teach writing (or anything else) when a child has problems using reading as an input mechanism. My research suggests that these kids need to be addressed in kindergarten if remediation is to be successful. I know that this sounds like kind of a downer; but, coffee is where it needs to be discussed." This is a quote from Warren's post on my One Hot Chocolate discussion. I thought this complex issue warranted its own discussion. What do you think teachers? Why, why, why?

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Jamie Schwantes's picture

Right now my thinking is full of buts...Yes, early education (GR K-4) is instrumental in helping guide young learners discover and become reflective. But, a child's early education does not just take place in our schools...it takes place at home, on the bus, on the playground, through text messages...it's everywhere. Yes it is sad that about 40% of kids in third grade can't read at grade level. But, what is grade level and what was the type of reading taking place? Did these students have the opportunity to discover how to become lifer-reader through self-selected choice, authentic books and reflection throughout their Kindergarten- Fourth Grade journey?
As for the whys, I don't know why, but perhaps through the discussions in this group, and hopefully in our schools, those of us on the ground floor can find the answers together.

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