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New Jersey ASK-s Silly Questions Random Test Tip #2 for 8-year-olds

Gaetan Pappalardo Teacher, Author, Guitar––Word.

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I tell you, DO NOT READ. The latest info on improving test scores is to have the students not read. DO not read if you finish a section early and are waiting to begin the next. Apparently, it rushes the tester and causes their accuracy and effort to decline. Hmm. "Now, kids. If you finish the section early, you must do nothing."

I'm not sure if this will improve test scores. Are we pinching pennies, here? How many points will it add? Not sure.

And how many times can you say you had a student rush to finish something so he can read?


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Maybe we can tell the

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Maybe we can tell the students not to blink. More time that your eyes stay on the test has to raise test scores. With only two "silly" test tips presented so far, we have now asked students to stop thinking and to stop reading. Wonder what will come next?

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