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Advice-Ideas for team planning

Jael Noda Third grade teacher in Tampa

I would like to get some ideas/advice/resources to help me with introducing and establishing a good team system for planning. This upcoming year will be my first year as team lead in third grade. My vision is that our team will plan together, and therefore become more effective and succesful.

My goal is that I will present this in a way that will get every one on board, and will have little resistance.
*** We need to overcome our absence of trust on each other, and change.

Thank you.

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Second grade teacher in a Title I school

Grade Level Team Planning

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Hi Jael. First of all, you refer to teacher distrust. I think this is a problem in school cultures across the county, mainly due to teachers being set up to compete with one another by ranking systems and threats like "We're gong to transfer out half of the staff if your test scores don't improve". Who will that be? It's hard to get teachers to cooperate in that climate. You need to get them to see that it's in their best interest to work together for the sake of their evaluations, and scores reported by grade level as well as by whole school. More than that, your teamates will reduce their stress and be happier with open communication, mutual support and transparency of instruction. How many times have we said that we wish we were given the opportunity to observe one another teaching?

Have all team members contribute to a meeting agenda. When you send out the agenda, include a list of materials to bring to the meeting. Emphasize that meetings should start on time so you can finish on time. Share student work! That is the single most valuable thing you can do together. You'll do long and short-term planning, come up with lesson ideas, analyze test data and address weak areas with reteaching. Create formative assessments and long-term projects. Plan field trips that address curriculum standards.

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