Poetry Contest: Write a Limerick on How We Can Improve Education | Edutopia
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Poetry Contest: Write a Limerick on How We Can Improve Education

Poetry Contest: Write a Limerick on How We Can Improve Education

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April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate the month, we're having a fun poetry contest.

Here's how it works:

:: Post your limerick on how to best improve education below :: Invite others to vote on your limerick. To vote, simply click on the thumbs up icon in the top right-hand corner of the post. :: At the end of the month, the top five limericks with the most "thumbs ups" will have their limerick promoted on edutopia.org's homepage and in our enewsletter! Plus, you'll get a fabulous bag of art/poetry-inspired goodies!

Let the Limericks begin! Deadline is April 30 at midnight PDT.

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Susan Nichols's picture

There once was a teacher whose choice
Was in how to give students more voice.
A say in their learning
To keep them all yearning,
"Yes, yes!" agreed Principal Noyes.

Marybeth Mank's picture

The kids today seem hard to teach
Old tricks successful before cannot reach
It's time for new ideas out of the box
Change your thinking and throw out the clocks
Lifelong learning is the cool NEW idea, even at the beach!

Barbara Shafran's picture
Barbara Shafran
VP Educational Initiatives, thencne.org and unitedwespeak.net

Teaching and learning are best done one-on-one,
or at the very least in a classroom of "some,"
there will never be an educational solution,
if we keep making our community schools large "institutions."
We need to keep our schools and class sizes small,
to benefit students, teachers, parents -- us all!

Scott Weiler's picture

We teachers don't work in a bubble
If we find ourselves in trouble
We can collaborate
And commiserate
And in our efforts, redouble

Jeff Bridges's picture

There once was a teacher who couldn't teach
He became an admin who couldn't think
He said he came to help not preach
But all he did was cause moral to sink

Jody Robbins's picture

Hickory Dickory do away with the clock
every childs brain to un-lock
teach em all teach em well
leave none behind
to live a hellish life

try as we may try as we might
leave none behind
raise all to the light
show them the way
teach them to read
give them something to fight with
knowledge, intelligence, love and kindness

Change the world one child at a time

God did why can't we?

Jody Robbins

Jody Robbins's picture

Hickory Dickory
remove the clock from the wall
teach them all
leave none behind
diciplin hard cool and kind

each child brain to unlock
each brain to teach

for none are out of reach
raise all for the light to see
leave none behind a hell to live

Ellen's picture
parent of an elementary student in San Ramon, CA

The myth of NCLB
Caused education to veer off course dangerously
What if we used creativity and technology
to let schools celebrate differences and diversity?
We'd all be better off, hopefully!

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