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Poetry Contest: Write a Limerick on How We Can Improve Education

Poetry Contest: Write a Limerick on How We Can Improve Education

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April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate the month, we're having a fun poetry contest.

Here's how it works:

:: Post your limerick on how to best improve education below :: Invite others to vote on your limerick. To vote, simply click on the thumbs up icon in the top right-hand corner of the post. :: At the end of the month, the top five limericks with the most "thumbs ups" will have their limerick promoted on edutopia.org's homepage and in our enewsletter! Plus, you'll get a fabulous bag of art/poetry-inspired goodies!

Let the Limericks begin! Deadline is April 30 at midnight PDT.

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Cathy Isaacs's picture

To improve education our goal,
A teacher of children our role.
We search through the data..
to see what's the matta...
and implant it deep in their soul!

Cathy Isaacs's picture

Test , Test , Test...
to keep up with all of the rest.
The numbers are key...
What's wrong with me?
I just want our school to be best!!!!

Sarah's picture

To fix education all need to be prudent
The focus needs to be on the needs of each and every student
Get rid of County Offices of Education & other political layers
Along with tenure, unions & numerous old-fashioned players
Higher Order Thinking Skills and Learning how to learn should be in every unit.

Aaron Sorensen's picture
Aaron Sorensen
Life skills sped teacher

There once was a teacher that dared
to make every student who cared
the best they could be
setting their minds free
Now they are attentive and aware

Aaron Sorensen's picture
Aaron Sorensen
Life skills sped teacher

There once was a teacher who dared
to make every student who cared
to be the best they could be
by setting their minds free
now they are attentive and aware

Sara Davis's picture
Sara Davis
High School English (Grades 11-12) and Communication (Grades 9-12)

In comes a plan for a nation
On fixing up its education
Shut down the bureaucrats
And put on the thinking hats
Of teachers who take no vacation

Melissa Israel's picture

There once a teacher whose writing
was like a passionate muse...
And when she had the chance to write
She'd transform into Dr. Seuss...

If education was a building,
standing like a pillar toward the sky...
Each window so transparent -
no one would dare ask why.

If education was an ocean,
mysterious and deep...
layered with new adventures,
hidden treasures for all to reap.

If education was a garden,
with rows and rows of seeds...
Each nurtured for their potential,
yet blossoming at different speeds.

If education was a tapestry,
no threads would be out of place...
each colorful stitch of the masterpiece
would be like a smile upon its face.

Education is more than any school
or even what you gain passing through...
It's more than just a book of facts,
Or how grades went down or grew.

Education should know no boundaries
or limits to be set,
It should never meet up against clouds of doubt
or be blanketed with regret.

Education is not what you're given
or even what you can be denied
It's not what you scream from rooftops
Or secretly try to hide.

Education is YOU and ME,
HIM and HER, THEM and WE...
It's everything WE can do
to make it all that it can be...


Mary Cooper's picture
Mary Cooper

IF.. is a poem is so well written that while cleverly ryhmed it captures a message that I want to share with other teachers and our students! IF...We are so good at putting limitation on education, and I agree with the author that education is more than any school. I love the second to last stanza...let's quickly get from the IF... to the we must NOW!

Trevor LaFauci's picture

Arne he was called by name
From a windy city he came
Classroom experienced he lacked
Yet by the chief he was backed
And now he's in charge of the game

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