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Poetry Contest: Write a Limerick on How We Can Improve Education

Poetry Contest: Write a Limerick on How We Can Improve Education

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April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate the month, we're having a fun poetry contest.

Here's how it works:

:: Post your limerick on how to best improve education below :: Invite others to vote on your limerick. To vote, simply click on the thumbs up icon in the top right-hand corner of the post. :: At the end of the month, the top five limericks with the most "thumbs ups" will have their limerick promoted on edutopia.org's homepage and in our enewsletter! Plus, you'll get a fabulous bag of art/poetry-inspired goodies!

Let the Limericks begin! Deadline is April 30 at midnight PDT.

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Jennifer's picture

In the 21st century we stand
moneys tight and teachers are being canned.
With already low wages whole hearted
they continue turning the pages.
start with the educators we invest
so that our kids can get the best.
Our future economical hell will be put to rest.
Im not the smartest person or even the greatest poet but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know you have to plant it to grow it.

mark's picture

Politicians make standards for students to reach
"This is best for our schools", is what they preach
To make our schools great
And our students first rate
I say, "Let's just let teachers teach!"

TSP's picture

There once was a child left behind,
Though his teachers worked hard to make him shine
State standards, test scores ... none of that mattered
His teachers would be at fault - he wouldn't be shattered
Unfortunately, there's more of that kind!

Joshua's picture

"There once was a law of diminishing awe
known as No Child Left Behind.

But as many would find
it was hard to define,

so the teachers indulged with Syrah."

...Dedicated to the loving (limerick-y) memory of Edward Lear....

Anne Lilyquist's picture
Anne Lilyquist
8th Grade ELA (regular & Pre-AP) & Creative Writing teacher Beaumont, TX

Forget about working toward the test
We just want our students to do their best
encourge them to succeed
their minds we need to feed
Parents can help with the rest

Jill Dragiff's picture
Jill Dragiff
High School Humanities teacher

I wrote down a quote from a recent edutopia online article March 2010?) but did not copy the actual posting, blog entry , or article. Does anyone remember and know how I can locate this writing? The author went on to say that balance in life and taking care of oneself was one way to be a better teacher. Thanks!

Rey Nickerson's picture

There once was a man named Meach.
Whose job it was to teach.
He said in a while.
And bearing a smile.
Life is not the beach.

Laura Williams's picture

The way to make schools really great
is to budget much better per state.
No Child Left Behind
does not work, you'll find
when cash from the government's late.

vanessa heller's picture

Push unions & administrators aside
Let teachers be the ones who decide
What works and what hurts
Instead of losing our shirts
Then look on OUR ed system with pride.

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