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Poetry Contest: Write a Limerick on How We Can Improve Education

Elana Leoni Director of Social Media Strategy and Marketing @Edutopia, edcamp organizer

April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate the month, we're having a fun poetry contest.

Here's how it works:

:: Post your limerick on how to best improve education below :: Invite others to vote on your limerick. To vote, simply click on the thumbs up icon in the top right-hand corner of the post. :: At the end of the month, the top five limericks with the most "thumbs ups" will have their limerick promoted on's homepage and in our enewsletter! Plus, you'll get a fabulous bag of art/poetry-inspired goodies!

Let the Limericks begin! Deadline is April 30 at midnight PDT.

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5th Grade all subjects Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Professional Learning Communities

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There once was a strategy that didn't work.
So the teacher said happily with a smirk,
"I will ask my colleagues!
They'll know how to achieve,
And learning will take off with a jerk!"

Children's Librarian

Things in class just weren't

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Things in class just weren't going well
Staff and parents and students just didn't gel
Brainstorming was done
They implemented ideas, so fun
Now their school climate is totally swell!

Parent of 3, pre-service teacher

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Edutopia is a great place to land
When your teaching needs a helping hand.
We all need to share
So everyone's aware
And our classrooms will all be so grand!

HS Teacher at a hybrid school

Starting with the one in the mirror.

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We started here kids to reach
We continue because we care for each
Oh what we could do
If we could change a few
Starting with the ones who teach

Retired middle school educator/CoFounder-Moodlerooms,Inc

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There once was a teacher
Who planned

To stump her colleagues

Each man

I'll bet I can get

More success than you rest

Cause I care more
How kids learn
Than you can

Let's mix some love
With help from above
And I'll stir it all up in a plan

My students will thrive
All state tests they'll survive
And I'll be running the place
In no time!

Student Teacher

Be patient with children,

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Be patient with children, give each one a chance
Let them have choices, teach them with a stance
These children are the future, they should be exposed to different things
It is important for each, to fly their own wings
So be there to guide them, but let them choose their own dance

Whence Success Comes by Lisa Lantz

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Each classroom around will undoubtedly contain
A variety of needs, cultures, and "brains"
Each teacher must start
With a desire to reach each one in her heart
And then add enough planning, preparation and prayer to sustain.

Technology Integration Specialist

The fire within them

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It is a teacher's desire
To light each student's fire
Begin with a trek
That integrates tech
And strive to stay out of the mire

Politician's Beware

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There once was a politician who cared
About teachers who come to school prepared
To teach kids who show up
to school ready to learn
And governments who make education fair!

Technology's a Tool

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There once was a teacher who reached
Every student she wanted to teach
Her process was cool
Technology a tool
Life-long learners created from each!

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