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Challenges to Using Film in the Classroom

Challenges to Using Film in the Classroom

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Though film use in the classroom can engage students and we receive 90% of messages visually, many challenges face educators when using film in the classroom and few teachers have the training or support from their school districts or universities. I'm interested in hearing the challenges faced by teachers of varied subjects and grade levels from different parts of the country.

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Bill Kuhl's picture

The end of last school year I was invited to show a video I had created at a local elementary school and asked if I should bring my own DLP projector. The teacher told me yes as there was only one projector for the whole school. I am surprised at how many technical issues there can be when hooking up a projector to a computer.

Bill Kuhl

Joanne Vicente's picture
Joanne Vicente
12th grade English teacher, Miami, Florida

We are only allowed to show films rated G. PG films can be used if they are approved, which requires a great deal of paperwork and justification. We have been told nothing will be approved that has an R rating. I teach high school seniors, most of whom are 18 and older. Since the majority are not native English speakers, they have an inordinate amount of difficulty decoding Shakespeare or many others. When the see a film of the work, they understand and enjoy it. Why must we teachers be so thorughly micromanaged?

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