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Thank a teacher

Betty Ray Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia

I've been thinking a lot about the teachers who shaped my life over the years. The one who comes to mind first and foremost is Ms. Thames. She was my 2nd and 4th grade teacher, and - scandal! - one of the first teachers in that midwestern school to go by "Ms."

She radiated so much love that she was almost luminous. She would take us on all kinds of outings- hiking through the forest, touring a local farm, or visiting an artist who made those cheesy macrame owls.

Ms. Thames taught me to read and write and 'rithmatic, too, but way more than that, she taught me that there are a lot of pretty cool little miracles out there.

I was elated to find that Ms Thames on Facebook, and that she's still teaching! I pinged her and she said she remembered me. Whether she did or not, we're Facebook friends now. :)

Would love to hear stories of others' most influential teachers and what they taught you.

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Thanks to my teachers.

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Many of my teachers have, sadly, passed on. I never got the chance to thank them personally, but I am going to do it here. All of the K-12 teachers taught in Kearsley Community Schools in Flint, MI. Thanks to:

Mrs. Joseph - 3rd grade - She gave me my love of reading.
Mr. Krohn - Junior High Science - He took me under his wing and inspired me to keep on trying new things.

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Thanks especially to Mr. Smiley in 7th Grade

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I had a great teacher that came out of college in the early 70's and challenged our class with a statement of 'so what makes you believe there really was a man on the moon? Just because they say so?' That wasn't the usual lessons we learned for so long. Also, he was stunned, and ran me up to another teacher telling me to repeat something I said. I didn't know what he was talking about and he repeated that I answered his question of 'If women should drive' with a 'No, because that's the mans job' (or, something very similar). Truth was my mom (of 10 kids) didn't drive and I wasn't sure why there was such a shock to his system with that answer :) Little did I know. (by the way to this day my mom thanks me for helping her get on freeways as she was prone to stop at the end of the freeway on-ramps).

Fast forward today I'll put in a shameless plug for my nonprofit where I am thanking the dozens of teachers that led me and gave me the ability to use my own creativity to do good in the world. I invite you to visit and see if you can find a teacher to donate new, used or in-kind classroom sources to. Thanks!

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Reflecting on my two most important teachers

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My favorite teacher

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The teacher I remember the most is Mr. Kevin McEvoy from East Brunswick High School in NJ. His philosophy was to learn, have fun and laugh through the class. He gave us the opportunity to choose to study our history for the first 3 days, then if we passed the quiz, he would spend an entire class telling us stories. I learned more history in his class than any other. And loved it.

4th grade teacher

Thank you Mr. Zifko. Your

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Thank you Mr. Zifko. Your interest in my inerests when I was a ten year old boy, your caring when I was in treatment, your patience when I was being a ten year old boy, set a high bar for me as I entered this noble profession 38 years ago.

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