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Just Joined

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Hello, teaching is my passion, not my job. I keep the computers running for my city government. But I really enjoy designing, building, and flying model airplanes and water rockets. I just created a new science website; science videos and resources. http://www.scienceguy.org. Bill Kuhl

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Julee A's picture

This is my first visit to this site. I'm looking to learn new ways to become a better teacher and integrate technology into my classroom. I love teaching but feel I must diversify my skills due to the economy and to be prepared for the future, whatever it holds. Looking forward to the growth!!

Taylor Stocks's picture

Hi everyone,
I am a third year education student at McGill University and was introduced to this site by one of my professors. I really want to change the face of public education, especially in Canada where provincial regulations make it very difficult for new ideas and practices to be put in place. I believe I have a pretty good grasp on how this generation (my generation) has grown up with technology and how important it is to integrate it into the classroom and would love to get involved in discussions surrounding that.

Richard Martin's picture

After 5 years teaching high school science in large traditional public schools, I found myself unemployed. I wrote an article summary from a PBL article in The Science Teacher while a student in a post-baccalaureate certification program in 2002; I have been interested in PBL since before I was teaching. However I was unable to implement anything resembling PBL. My job search focus is now in the charter school realm to hopefully find a teaching position where a PBL curriculum is used.

Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Director of Programming and Innovation

Glad you found us! Mike, we're looking to set up a technology integration group here very soon.

Julee and Taylor, have you checked out the group for new teachers called Bridges: The First Years of Practice ?
I'm sure there are other teachers who are there who might share some of your stories.

Richard, there's a Project Learning group here with some interesting discussions, including stories of people starting brand new project learning schools:

dugolo's picture

Hi I just signed up for this website. It looks great. Is there a section for language instruction? I'm a middle school Spanish teacher.

Efi's picture
School consultant and in service teachers' trainer for ICT

Hello, everybody!
I am a school consultant in Greece, having 18 primary (grades1-6)schools (urban, semi-urban and rural)under my supervision. I am also occupied as an in-service teachers' trainer, working on a european project about integrating new technologies (ICT)in education. I have just heard about edutopia.org by Professor Chris Dede from Harvard University General School of Education, during an online seminar session, a little earlier. Well, I'm anxious to find out what the site and the groups are all about, since we have a hard work here to convince teachers to get involved in the new technologies adventure!
I'll be glad to share experience with you!

Susan Foley Urban's picture
Susan Foley Urban
parent of middle school son and colleg age daughter

Hi read your comment... 32 years teaching that is amazing! Tell me what do you think about homework? How much is appropiate? if any... what kinds of assignments ?
I am looking to nurture a life long love of learning and encourage creative problem solving/critical thinking. Any suggestions for how to do this? I feel my son, who is in 7th grade gets too much homework. What i would like to do is create an alliance between myself and his teachers regarding homework. I believe 15 minutes per subject a night is ok. Suggestions on how to do this?
I appreciate these teachers, their professionalism and dedication yet i still feel the homework load is too much.
As a family we have been unable to pursue other educational interests due to homework load.(such as watch NOVA together , go to local astronomy gatherings at universities with telescopes , astronomers and scince majors helping out, reading National geographic together and watching Nat Geo films or videos relating to his school work.)
Comment please!

JB Science's picture
JB Science
Pre-Service Middle School Science Teacher in MA

Hi all,

I'm looking for my first teaching job. I recently earned preliminary licenses in Elementary and General Science (grades 5-8) education in MA. I'm looking to share experiences and ideas.



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