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Hello, teaching is my passion, not my job. I keep the computers running for my city government. But I really enjoy designing, building, and flying model airplanes and water rockets. I just created a new science website; science videos and resources. http://www.scienceguy.org. Bill Kuhl

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Joan Roush's picture
Joan Roush
6th-8th Family & Consumer Science

Hi Loren:
You are not the oldest....I returned to teaching when my husband passed on in late 2004. I was 53 and now 58. I teach a special area at the middle school. Also, I convinced a friend to finish her degree in elementary education and she is 53.
Middle schoolers are different...almost like 4 year olds...very egocentric...it's their point of view and that's it and very social. But they love their teachers, give hugs and miss us when we are not there. Routines & Rituals are very important.
Don't worry about your age...many at my school are staying past retirement and of course I will stay as long as I can.

Loren Santow's picture

Thanks for your encouraging words, Joan. I expected to be somewhat of an oddity at the university, but it's simply peculiar not to have any peers in the workplace. Do you see any way that I might use my age as an advantage in this poor job market? As I scan the landscape, it feels like a deficit. I know I can teach, but I'm afraid I'll be perceived as less capable than my younger peers. Are there administrators who prefer us middle aged folks?

Cosmic Rhino Ranger's picture
Cosmic Rhino Ranger
Administrator, Cosmic Rhino Rangers

The Rhino is Guardian of Ancient Wisdom ~ His Gift teaches us to tread gently on Earth & Respect All Life! . . . My Purpose & what I most want to do is to Honour & Share the Gift of the Rhino ~ i.e. Educate re: Rhinos (and other Endangered Species); the Link between Animal Abuse, Child Abuse, Domestic Abuse & All forms of Violence; and to Promote Equality & Respect for All Life . . .

Eric Burgess's picture
Eric Burgess
Passionate about technology in education.

Hi there,

Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I'm interested in all things technology in the classroom.


Laura Pagington's picture
Laura Pagington
High School Social Studies Teacher

I'm a HS Social Studies teacher who is integrating Web 2.0 technology and looking to improve my instruction.

Steve Graham's picture


I just stumbled across this site and want to explore it more as time allows. I am always looking for resources and information for my student teachers and interns (Wright State University). I look forward to find some materials that can help students and teachers.

Ana Miotti's picture
Ana Miotti
Secondary school teacher of English as a foreign language in Argentina

My name's Ana and I'm a teacher of English in Argentina. I work with low-literacy background teenagers and university students.
I've visiting this website for almost a year(I became a facebook fan first)and today I decided to get more involved, sign in and start participating.
I'd like to learn more about how to use technology in the classroom and get in contact with other teachers.I'd also like to know if there is a section for language learning?

Sharon C's picture

It's 6:50 am on a Friday. I should be looking forward to a weekend of recreation, but I know it'll be a weekend of scoring and posting data. I teach 3rd grade in NYS where, along with the federal push for data on student growth, the testing of young students is out of control. I remember fondly the days when I could dream and implement programs like those described on your wonderful site. But not much of "my" classroom time is mine any more. Thank you for encouraging me to find SOME WAY to put the inspiration back into my teaching.

Jennifer's picture
Technology teacher in Eastern North Carolina

I am curious. How do you currently use technology in your classroom? Maybe I'll have a few ideas for you.

Jennifer's picture
Technology teacher in Eastern North Carolina

I'm curious. How do you use technology in your classroom now. Maybe I'll have an idea or two for you. I'm in school to be a technology facilitator. It will be my job to help people learn about using technology in the classroom.
Jen Simons

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