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Hello, teaching is my passion, not my job. I keep the computers running for my city government. But I really enjoy designing, building, and flying model airplanes and water rockets. I just created a new science website; science videos and resources. http://www.scienceguy.org. Bill Kuhl

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Kathleen Beard's picture
Kathleen Beard
Science Teacher

Thank you for the links, Betty! You've given me a wondeful idea- I usually have a month or so at the end of the school year that needs to be filled in a purposeful way. I'm going to look into service learning and see if I can join my students with members of their community to work together on an area that needs improvement where we live.

Craig Douglas's picture
Craig Douglas
Consultant to schools on use of technology in the classroom

Hello all...this looks to be an interesting group to be a part of

Ray Cook's picture
Ray Cook
GEAR UP Parent Involvement Coordinator, Maine Parent Federation

Parents and teachers are essential to the education of children. We need more ways to work together.

George Stern's picture
George Stern
Intern at Edutopia, college student, aspiring Educator.

Hello all!

I'm George Stern and I'm a summer intern here at Edutopia. I'll be working with Elana and Betty in our social media and online community efforts for the next couple of months. I go to college in New York during the year, and am passionate about public education reform. I'm also an aspiring educator, so I hope to learn as much as possible from all of you here in our community.

Please let me know if I can help with anything Edutopia-related. I look forward to meeting and collaborating with you all this summer,


Melissa McCallihan's picture
Melissa McCallihan
4th grade teacher from Hoboken, New Jersey

Hi, so excited to be a part of this site! I'm excited to be a part of the PBL camp, and now I'm logging off to read the summer guide! Thanks, Melissa

Sharon Trent's picture

Wow, this is really a diverse group of educators! I can't wait to see how PBL works in different learning environments. I currently teach Kindergarten in an independent school in Dallas, Texas; however, my educational experiences and background are varied. I was a Speech Pathologist, taught first grade in a Title I classroom with thirteen native languages, taught fifth grade and fourth and fifth grade reading in suburban public school classrooms.

In my current school, we have experienced some PBL and emergent curriculums approaches and anticipate a stronger focus on PBL during the coming school year. I really look forward to learning and preparing for this new focus.

Amy Cordova's picture
Amy Cordova
2nd grade Gen Ed teacher from Platte City, MO

Hello all! I just joined this site after a friend of mine won an award and I did a bit of lurking. I teach 2nd grade in a fast growing rural community. The community is working on making a transition to suburbia. Not only do I teach 2nd graders, but I also facilitate many different technology workshops in my district. I believe strongly in integrating the tech into the curriculum, making teaching and learning more meaningful through projects when possible.

Amanda Collins's picture
Amanda Collins
Elementary School Teacher from Southern California

Wow! Great resource! I'm a brand newly credentialed teacher and I just bookmarked your sight. Thank you for sharing your passion!

Cathy's picture

Hi I am Cathy. This is my 3rd year teaching. I am glad to find this website. I really like to learn from others.

Karen Hummer's picture
Karen Hummer
Global Language Teacher (German, French, Italian) Canfield, Ohio

Hello to everyone!

My name is Karen Hummer and I am a Global Language teacher at Canfield High School. I'm currently working on my Spanish certification (I am already certified in German, French and Italian). I love to teach and am especially interested in technology in the classroom. I also love to read, learn new teaching techniques, garden organically and travel. I found the edutopia site and am enjoying the resources very much! My education blog is:


which has a lot of resource links if anyone is interested. :-)

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