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K-12 Support of "Good Causes"

K-12 Support of "Good Causes"

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The newspapers today carry word of the refusal of two major universities - Syracuse U. and U. of Wisconsin-Madison - to consider big rollouts of the Kindle until Amazon.com completes a re-engineering of the electronic reading device that will make it easier for visually impaired students to use its "read aloud" function. I wonder why K-12 school districts do not rush to ALSO signal the vender of their support for this university action. I also wonder what other "white hat" campaigns K-12 school districts might come forward and take a stand in - as with efforts to get plastic water bottles replaced by safer metals ones. (I read recently, in this connection, that hallway faucets must be raised for students to welcome a change from throwaway to reusable bottles - and progressive "Green" student organizations can help raise funds to cover the change). I wonder, in short, if a dynamic, never-ending list can be created by members of this group and the others hosted at this site - a list of pragmatic progressive changes K-12 participants (of all ages) might weigh - and possibly take hold of.

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