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Question about cross-posting

Alayna Frankenberry Social Media Editor for Spark, a program of the Sprout Fund

Hi everyone, I'm new. I had a question that I'm hoping some of you will have the answer to. How do the edutopia boards feel about cross-posting topics?

For example, I just posted a thread in the Parents group about an online kindergarten prep tool. Could/should I also post this in the Online Learning group? Do most user cross-post topics where they're applicable, or is that considered redundant and a bit spammy?

Thanks for your help!

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social media and marketing manager of startup

Hi Alayna, There are people

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Hi Alayna,

There are people who cross-post topics. People will report it as spam. Best practice for here is post in the most relevant group and tweet out your question. All of our groups float automatically based on the newest discussions and comments in blocks.

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