Share your crowdfunding projects with us! (DonorsChoose, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others.) | Edutopia
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Share your crowdfunding projects with us! (DonorsChoose, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others.)

Share your crowdfunding projects with us! (DonorsChoose, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others.)

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It doesn't matter if you're using DonorsChoose, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or something else entirely, tell us about your crowdfunding projects. Please include your link(s) as well, since we'd like to promote this list far and wide!

For tips on how to get the most out of your fundraising campaign, check out our guide to Raise Money for Your School Using Crowdfunding:

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Charlena Smith's picture

I'm a teacher and mom who's project is SpiritED,a web based learning site for kids K-2. We develop biblical literacy while implementing Common Core State Standards within games,art,music and more! Sign up here:

A nationwide poll revealed that not even 60% of Americans could identify five of the Ten Commandments. What's your child's Bible IQ?

Stay tuned,for our launch date!
Sign up here:
Follow Us on Twitter @SpiritED_Dixon

Mike Irvine's picture

Hi Everyone,

Every wonder where "Caught Red-Handed" or "Mad As A Hatter" came from?

So did we.

Say What? is a fun animated series that explains the origins of common words and phrases.
Our goal is to get Say What? into English and History classrooms in the U.S, and around the world. We want to make learning fun again, and help kids think outside the text book. But first we need to produce more amazing episodes.

Link to our Kickstarter:

Thank you so much!

Jessica Scheele's picture

Please help 100 second graders see butterflies at the Pacific Science Center!
If you use the promo code ROADMAP your money will be doubled!

My Project:
We would love to take our 100 students to the Pacific Science Center to see the tropical butterfly house. Toward the end of the year, we will be studying butterflies in the classroom. Adventuring with our students in the exhibit would be a wonderful culminating activity to our science unit. It would provide a glimpse into a part of the world very unlike Seattle and Burien -- a warm, sunny place where colorful butterflies are active 365 days a year.

Upon sharing the possibility of this field trip with my students, they were overjoyed. I asked them how it would change their lives for the better. Zainab said,"Seeing the butterflies would help me learn more about their disguises and how they use camouflage." Samatar said, "The Science Center would help me understand the life cycle better." Jose said it best with, "It'd be fun! I'd get to be curious and ask questions about science." Please help foster that curiosity within our students

Thank you so much for your support!
Jessica Scheele

Michelle@CommonLit's picture
President & CEO at CommonLit.Org

We're building a free, open collection of short fiction and nonfiction. Love our initiative and want to see more? Check out our crowdfunding campaign here:

John Faherty's picture

I'm trying to do several things. First I'd like to replace our old broken desks with tables that provide space for student collaboration. Next my scoerce class needs a demonstration table. Finally, I'm looking for better technology in the classroom using an iPad, stylus, Apple TV and MacBook Air to create presentations and movies, and digitally correct and markup student work. Returning it to them in Google Classroom.

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