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Share your crowdfunding projects with us! (DonorsChoose, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others.)

Share your crowdfunding projects with us! (DonorsChoose, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others.)

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It doesn't matter if you're using DonorsChoose, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or something else entirely, tell us about your crowdfunding projects. Please include your link(s) as well, since we'd like to promote this list far and wide!

For tips on how to get the most out of your fundraising campaign, check out our guide to Raise Money for Your School Using Crowdfunding:


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Laurence Humier's picture

Hi there!

There's a project Alchemist Matter kit, I've been working on with several Museums since 2012 is now available on Kickstarter.


It's an educational tool that teaches how to create DIY materials through chemical reactions for children between 5-12 years old

It would be great having your opinion on the project and if you could spread the word.

Thank you,
Cheers, Laurence

Carrie's picture

Trying to raise money to raise engagement in 4th grade! What 4th grader doesn't love to play games? I would love to have remotes for the students to be able to respond to projected math, social studies, science and ELA questions with a game show twist! Please help me make learning fun and something my students look forward to by contributing to my DonorsChoose request. Every dollar helps!!!


Lucy Ravitch's picture

I have a kids novelty book (The Pancake Menu) that is hands-on math fun and gets kids practicing math as they play restaurant. I would appreciate any social sharing and support with the Kickstarter! http://kck.st/1rA0zl7

Lucy Ravitch's picture

@Carrie for the 4th grade fundraiser. Sounds great Carrie! I'm running a Kickstarter to get a hands-on math novelty book published that fits the aim to math learning fun http://kck.st/1rA0zl7 It would be great if you could look into it and help it get published and share if you like it. Thanks!

Jphillipy's picture

I'm working to help veterans transition to a successful civilian career with my new program, Crush Your Transition Veterans Guide. Please take a look at my campaign and either support it or give me feedback to improve it. I've been instructing veterans for 12 years and I'm trying to extend my reach with this new book. http://www.gofundme.com/Jeffreyphillipy. Thank you for your support.

bkm-AL's picture
Author of "Actualized Learning," a vision for effective reform by restructuring the learning environments in our schools, so all children can realize their potential.

The key to true reform is restructuring the learning environments. We are stuck in an antiquated system that fails to guide students to the realization of their full potential. I recently finished a book, Actualized Learning, that provides a detailed blueprint for doing just that. Learners should be engaged within contexts that replicate and prepare them for the key facets of their lives. They should progress flexibly and appropriately. They should be evaluated in ways that illuminate their potential. The expense of effectively publishing and distributing this book are daunting. You can contribute to future generations by going to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/actualized-learning/x/9545377
You can also learn more about this unique concept by visiting http://actualizedlearning.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/actualizedlearning
Thank you

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