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Racial profililng in the schools?

VictoriaM Literacy coordinator, former teacher, professional writing

I'm the coordinator of a county literacy program and it was just brought to my attention that Hispanic/Latino students in a local public school must fill out weekly progress reports. No other students are asked to do this. The reports are in response to the release of state test scores and schools with a high population of Hispanic/Latino students are being asked to comply with this regulation.

Parents are very upset because they're being singled out, students say they are being punished when other students also did poorly on the tests, and some teachers resent the additional work required over the paperwork.

I just finished a multicultural class toward my master's degree and no where in there did it indicate that this kind of treatment by a single population is anything but racial profiling. I'm hoping to have a response for the California Attorney General's office on this topic.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

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