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Shelley Joan Weiss Educational Leadership Consultant

Greetings Friends! I am interested in learning from YOU! I am most interested in middle level education, data analysis, current methods of evaluating teachers and administrators, standards based grading (including report samples), culture and climate, and technology integration.

Thank you for anything you are eager to offer!

Shelley Joan

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Nobel Peace Prize Nominee 2008, Semi-Retired UN Advisor/Education

Shelley: Having students

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Having students assess their teachers I think is the most successful approach to motivating them. I have been to various countries. I babe visited numerous educational institutions within them. I noticed in some of the classes I visited students were allowed, sorry......encouraged, to rate their teachers. The students felt that their voice was heard and were motivated to do better.Giving......again a correction.....empowering the student to have a say in their education is one of the strongest motivational actions that I have noticed.

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