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Advice for the Future Teacher

Quinton Jones

I am currently a junior Education major with the plans to become a middle school math teacher after graduation. My question is, what advice would you have wished you had been given while you were pursuing your degree in preperation for your career?

Thanks in advance

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I hope that you are enrolled in a truly effective teacher training program. The program that I attended was long on theory and short, very short, on how to do the job.

I wish that my program would have required a course on developmental psychology. This would have helped me enormously with understanding how adolescents mature (or don't) and what is typical behavior, what is abnormal behavior. If I had had this training I think the first couple of years would have been much easier.

I will say that the best advice I was ever given was by a veteran teacher who happened to sit next to me in the teacher's lounge (more like a DMV waiting area actually). She said, "they have to feel safe and they have to be successful". Sounds simple's not but it is absolutely true.

Best of luck in your teaching career, it is the most important profession you could have chosen.

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We Need To Use Technology To Reach The Otherwise Unteachable

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I have previously worked for a district in an urban area as an Educational Aide. I'm returning to school after 20 yrs and I'm simply flabbergasted. The simple technology that I'm being exposed to, technology that captures the student's attention effortly is not being integrated into the classrooms. Teachers are still using prehistoric methods to reach children of a new age. How can we truly reach the children if we can't even text effectively?

Always keep in mind that you

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Always keep in mind that you don't teach math (or a particular grade), you teach children. Learn as much as you can about differentiation, students with special needs, and students with backgrounds different from your own. And find an experienced teacher who you respect that you can ask for advice and ideas.

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