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How to tackle the challenge of childhood obesity?

How to tackle the challenge of childhood obesity?

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Readers of Edutopia.org will remember a feature we used to produce called Sage Advice. In it, we asked the Edutopia community to share their thoughts on a number of issues. This week, we're discussing childhood obesity. I'll include some thoughts that have come in from Edutopia community members in the past.

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Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia

Families need to reestablish a sit-down meal together. Rituals like this will keep kids from eating high-sugar, high-fat foods that serve as substitutes for what they really need -- love and nurturing from their family.

At school, staff members need to model good dietary and lifestyle habits. If kids see teachers walk through the cafeteria with a candy bar and soda for lunch, they believe that's acceptable.

Lisa Houk
Language arts consultant
Lapeer County, Michigan

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