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homework suggestions

homework suggestions

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I am a mom and not a teacher so hope that is ok. I feel my childs homework load is too much. I would like to ask his teachers if we could agree to a 15 minutes per subject limit. I feel it is reasonable for my son to have more free time after school. We wish to pursue educational events together such as watching NOVA together, attending astronomy gatherings at local universities, reading National Geographic. My question: How can i enlist teacher support to lighten the homework load ? Any teachers out there? How can i work with his teachers to best support a child who loves to learn? I hope to have an ongoing dialogue please tell me what you think. thanks! Susan

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Mr.Bee's picture
Third grade teacher from Michigan's Upper Peninsula

I hate homework. I don't know how to talk teachers out of giving it. Stick to your guns Present the idea to your PTO find out what other folks want. Maybe they need to provide more time for school work completion at school.

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