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Hello! My name is Karen Bradford. For many years I was a substitute teacher in both public and private schools. From those experiences, I wrote Subology: A Substitute Teacher's Guide to Successful Days. It is a is the instructional resource substitute teachers beginning their career need to educate, enlighten, empower, and completely prepare them for a day of teaching in Kindergarten to twelfth grade classrooms. Now, I teach students with autism. Working with these students brings me a joy I never felt in typical classrooms. I am always happy to see them and have them in class. I am still relatively new at teaching students with autism, so if anyone has any advice or words of wisdom, I would love to hear them. I wish everyone happy and successful days!

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Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia

Great to have you with us, and how wonderful that you found your calling. Congratulations!

Also, be sure to check out the Special Ed group, as I know there are a few teachers who work with students with autism there as well:


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