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The Active Engagement Movement: Everyone's Invited!

Ken Timpe Founder: The Active Engagement Movement

The Active Engagement Movement is new. The Guiding Principles of the Movement are "Joining forces...Focusing leadership...Expecting results.

The Movement is driven by The Active Engagement Leadership Framework. It identifies 12 leadership layers from three Sectors--the Educational Sector, Private Sector, and Public Sector. Active engagement is embedded in each layer. So, everyone has an active engagement role to play.

The Movement is not about engagement research. We already know engagement is a key factor in improving student performance. It's about actually creating actively engaged teaching and learning environments where engagement doesn't just happen, but where it is expected--from everyone!

"High achievement always takes place
in a framework of high expectation."
Charles Kettering

The web site ( is under construction. But, feel free to visit my blog: activeengagementclearinghouse.

You're all invited. I'd love to hear from you.


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Ken - how's it going?

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