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The Global Digital Generation

The Global Digital Generation

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Edutopia is looking to take our coverage of the Digital Generation global, exploring how new technology is being employed around the world to enhance the learning process. We have begun initial research on this exciting project, and thought you might have some suggestions for topics, programs and individuals we might explore. At this point, we are casting a wide net, from stories about individuals in Africa working with cell phones, to international school to school collaborations. In alignment with our Schools That Work series, we would ultimately focus on two or three extraordinary stories that provide inspiration and practical guidance to educators and policy-makers in the US and abroad. Please let us know what you think is cool and working in the world of learning beyond our shores. Thanks!

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Andrew Pass's picture

What a great idea.

Would you consider the collaboration between international schools and U.S. schools appropriate for this topic?

Andrew Pass
My Current Events Blog

Ken Ellis's picture
Ken Ellis
Former Executive Producer, video , Edutopia

Absolutely. We are looking for excellent international collaborations.

Suzanne Smith's picture
Suzanne Smith
exceptional education -community transition program

I think technology that can bring more information and ideas also ways to be more productive and effective will be helpful. Edutopia can be a tool in collaborating internationally.

Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia

Hi Suzanne and others -

These groups are designed to be our first step into the world of global collaboration among educators. We designed them and selected the topics to facilitate working relationships between like-minds. So whether you're seeking support, or lesson plans, or global collaborators, or just want to expand your network, these groups are here for you! Please invite your friends and colleagues - the more trusted relationships that are here, the more effective the collaborations (in my experience).

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