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Let's help young learners satisfy their natural curiosity about the Future

Let's help young learners satisfy their natural curiosity about the Future

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My hope is that we can share pragmatic, affordable, and also consequential ideas about tools, techniques, and other aids for aiding K-12 people - by which I mean EVERYONE - youngsters and adults, on and off the payroll, in and outside of the building, degreed and otherwise "smart" - make more of their potential for using futuristics. For openers, it would be great if YOU would informally share here some of the ways you already employ for advancing this goal. We are all of us "futurists" in that we plan the day, the week, and the year ahead - all the time. We can get better at this, much to our gain and that of all who care about us - and scores of those who do not know we exist. Over time I hope this site will become a treasure trove of methods and insight; shall we begin?! In my classes (over 42 years) I began by updating students about my choice of the "Big Deals" of the past 24 hours in current events, linking some of that to the day's subject matter - and taking care to adjust all of it to the maturity and interest level of my co-learners (my preferred term for students). They came to rely on me for this - and several told me later it helped them improve their standing with their folks, who had not expected them to be so up-to-date. Try it .. it just might "work" for you.

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