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Administrative Survey on PBL

Tim Henry

Although Project-Based Learning is widely used in our nation’s schools, very little information can be found showing how and why PBL is implemented in schools. Even less information exists about PBL implementation from the perspective of school administrators.

The attached survey is designed to provide valuable information about school administrator’s perspectives on Project-Based Learning implementation to educational researchers and interested school administrators alike. Your responses will be anonymously used to compile data about PBL implementation. I will also provide you with a summary of results of the survey so that you can examine the responses of other school administrators. This study has been approved by National University Internal Review Board.

I would appreciate your completion of this survey by February 1st. Simply follow this link and answer the survey questions

I realize that you schedule is busy and your time is valuable. However, I hope that the 3-8 minutes it will take you to complete this survey will help other school administrators and researchers understand different aspects about Project-Based Learning implementation.

Thank you in advance for your participation. If you have questions about the study, you can contact me at (707) 972-0703.

Please pass this email on to any school administrator you know who is involved in Project-Based Learning.

Yours Truly,
Timothy J. Henry

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