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Social media and Education

classmint Co-founder at


My name is Rajan Chandi, on of the co-founders at

We're seeing two key trends in education.

1. Rise of Flipped Classroom
2. Rise of ADHD

We think that social media has conditioned us to process informaiton in short chunks.
Some of the studies indicate that our attention span is reduced.

Attention Spans Have Dropped from 12 Minutes to 5 Minutes - How Social Media is Ruining Our Minds [Infographic]

so, we are building tools to study with short attention span. A brief:

Classmint is an interactive study notes tool.
It enables anyone to create annotable, audible, beautiful notes that can be folded like a paper. It also maintains automated revision list to aid in spaced repetition.
Students/Teachers can keep their notes private or publish them.
Beta access:

What other educators think of these trends?

Are roles of teachers going to change from information delivery to mentors solving problems in the classroom?