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Am I too firm or am I just making precautionary Measures?

Mr. Jun Elementary Teacher from Philippines

at the very start of my career way back in 2010. i faced my learners with a very soft heart i.e. i am very down to earth, very accessible, and super kind
now, I've learned that this typical type of character brought confusions to me as i observed that my learners treated me differently i.e. they sometimes disobey me, and disrespect me
in my second year of teaching, i was able to formulate another technique to eschew what i had experienced in the previous year. i was then too firm, very strict in the sense that nobody is allowed to talk even to whisper when i am discussing, nobody is allowed to stand even if they intend to throw something to the trash can. i just hated the thought of repeating how my previous learners had lambasted me the previous year.
now, my learners started to be very quiet as i walk along the corridor. they had to be in their proper seats from the time i start to walk going to their classroom. i felt that they are too scared of me. i felt that they become very obedient, and respectful. in other words i was able to achieve what i wanted in mind. that is supreme disciple among them.
my problem is that they become so aloof to me. they don't open things if they wanna clarify something regarding a certain topic.
their parents are too worried now about my classroom management technique so i told to these parents and explained why i had to do this.
i promised to these parents that i'm gonna modify my classroom practices/routines. i am now planning then to rectify my classroom rules to make a holistic learning experience for them. please help me and i would love to know more about your feedback about my case.
what principles of teaching did i fail to follow and why?

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