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The Value of Education

Windian I am simply a High School student, who realizes our education is flawed.

Why are low-income, intelligent, kids unable to join elite colleges, despite free tuition?
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Education. This is a word, which means the world to some, and to others, a spiteful topic. Simply put, those who hate education don’t realize the value of education. No matter how much teachers, or counselors, or any adult, in general, try to teach someone of the value of education. This is something you must teach yourself. I can only attempt to make you believe in the worth of education. Education is not tied with a good job, acquiring a good job is one of the perks which come with education. Instead, education is a means to transport you, or to help you navigate the social hierarchy, sort of like a tool. Early on in the history of mankind, the peasants had no means to become rich, yet education paved the way to the road of success. With education comes a good job, with which comes a means to become upper class. As a side note, when the rich realized that the poor were taking their spots, they increased the fees for higher education (college and beyond), however those very colleges, which only the rich have been attending, have realized this paradox, and are now attempting to heal the damage inflicted. Believe it or not, universities, such as, Harvard and Stanford have made tuition, as well as, room and board free for top students in low-income families! In fact, those kids would have to pay more for local, or, even, state universities. This is a golden opportunity; however, these universities are failing to gain low-income kids. Why?! Well, Harvard attempted to answer this question, and, at first, they thought there aren’t very many intelligent low-income kids, however this isn’t so. The problem is with the high schools. 70% of low-income students come from the top 15 metropolitan areas, where the high schools provide their students various opportunities. However, other high schools are unable to do so, because of a lack of mentors, and academically talented peers. As a result, students are unable to realize just how many opportunities are available to them. Thus, this proves we must create a stable ‘bridge,’ between our high schools, and colleges, by increasing the funding of all high schools to provide those opportunities, not only to those schools in metropolitan areas. Now, this money can easily be provided by the federal government. The total amount of money the government spends on education is a staggering 2% (sarcasm)!!!!! On top of that they only spend 18% on military, just 18%. Our military doesn’t require money for development, but only for maintenance. As a result, we could lower that amount from 18%, to only 8%, thus, of that 10%, 5% could go into education, 2% into our crumbling transportation infrastructure, and 3% into our science, which is extremely lacking. Last but not least, remember people whenever you go to school, or study something, don’t think about socializing with your friends over ‘Facebook or texting them, but focus on studying, for it is education, which will bring you prosperity.