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The Cost of Education

Windian I am simply a High School student, who realizes our education is flawed.

To Whom It May Concern,
Today, with skyrocketing fees, is going to an Ivy League college an option for the middle-class? What happened to freedom of education? In fact, the United States of America ranks on the bottom in education of all the industrialized countries. Students become unable to choose what field they want to be in, such as, the arts, psychology, or cooking, etc. because the shrinking economy no longer promotes such fields. Due to the immense ‘fees’ students have to choose fields in which they can acquire a job easily, and pay off their debts. Yet, it is impossible to get into college, because the average middle-class family just doesn’t earn enough to support college education. As a result, our shrinking economy has revealed two very important points: 1. Our college fees are skyrocketing, versus European countries, where they don’t have to pay any college fees. 2. Due to a shortage of skilled labor (cause of point #1) hundreds of thousands of skilled jobs are going unfilled every year. How can our education system be so flawed, whereas, other democratic countries have free college education? Furthermore, how we as a nation can resolve the issue of education, without the frightening prospect of raising taxes.
For starters, in the 1960’s the Board of Regents mandated the University of California be free, and the population reflect the diversity of California. Since UC students developed a culture of organizing in Free Speech, Civil Rights, and Anti-Vietnam War movements. Governor Ronald Reagan decided in 1968 to add tuition to the “free” UC system. Today, our economy, and politics, our way of life, is undeniably business oriented. We look at the short-term prospect of events. For example, whenever college fees are increased annually, the government looks at how much money they will earn that year. However, European countries realized if colleges were free, more people would have skilled jobs, thus, giving more money back to the government in taxes.
We must fund universities without raising taxes; however people are incapable of affording such measures. Thus, allocate money from areas that don’t require much to those that require money. For example, the U.S. military has an ‘annual’ budget of $711 billion; the military does not need money to build more warships, or tanks. No, the military requires money for maintenance, and the wars we wage upon third world countries must stop. Everybody knows the wars we fought with Iraq and Afghanistan were for oil, yet we ensured oil for a few years, after which prices skyrocketing. Not only was the money invested wasted, but the areas the money would have financed crumbled, such as, the transportation and education industries. With federal investment at an all time low, universities have to raise the bar. Even NASA’s budget has been cut, with competition in space increasing dramatically among countries. We could at least cut $350 billion from the military and other branches. However, please note these cuts will be temporary, lasting for a span of approximately 10 years. Once education is back on track, we fill the empty skilled jobs with Americans, instead of foreigners, who invest their money into their countries, not the USA.
Thus, once a strong, skilled laborers force has been established we raise taxes based upon income, and tax corporations. The “Occupy Wall Street” movement comes into play, the rich who earn more than a million a year pay at least 45% in taxes, instead of the 35%. Back in the 50’s the rich paid 90%! As a result, were able to afford free education. However, corruption ensured free education never lasted. What happened to a just society? If every person in America fought against corporations, increasing their tax rate to 40%, we survive, yet, there is a major flaw. Those corporations have more rights than a human in America, and through a process known as “Corporate Gains,” lower the rate to less than 15%!!! Now, is the time to fight this, before the situation becomes out of control. Every day, I imagine a world in which education is free, and hardly anyone is unemployed. Our country is independent and doesn’t have to rely upon foreign aid. Our country is the laughing stock of the world, we have the greatest GDP in the world, at $15 trillion, yet we are unable to fend for ourselves, and have to rely upon foreign aid from communist countries like China. Is this the type of country our founding fathers expected, when they fought the Revolutionary War? Our system is flawed, hence skyrocketing fees, because of the flawed system we can’t fix the system. As a result, these factors will contribute to the economic collapse of America greater than the Great Depression.
A Fellow Citizen