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Developing a New Grading Policy

Mr. Jarosz 9-12 Business Teacher


I am a 9-12 High School Teacher, My high school is wanting to develop a new grading policy. Our current policy is students can get a 100% to a 60% as a grade on a report card but on an assignments students can get a 100% to a 0%. As a staff, we discussed what goes into some of our grades throughout the year. Somethings were test, assignments, projects, behavior, projects, participation, and attendance.

Our administration would like have students grades divided up. Students would get two grades for every class, One grade for just class work (projects, test, and assignments and other grade called Citizenship (behavior, participation, and attendance). They also want to get rid of being punished for missing work and have students be able to turn anything in whenever they wanted to.

I am curious if someone is using an idea like this or if it is completely wrong. I would also like to hear What are some other grading practices high schools are using.

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