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Beta Testers Needed

EduStruct Changing education one classroom at a time

Hi Ed Leadership Group,
We're looking for some teachers and students to be beta testers for our software release. Please send this to your teachers. Go to and click on signup. Sign up as a teacher (don't worry about school code) and use the software. I have to start collecting data to see if we're on the right track. The software includes:
1. Public and Private Communities
2. Group walls
3. Drop Box
4. Event Planning
5. Messaging service
6. connecting with outside resources to share with your classes
7. super admin panel- ( Admin has total control and view over the whole system)
8. Share ideas and documents with other schools- School to School Collaboration
9. Assignment Creation
10. Assessment Creation
11. Google Docs Integration
12. Google Hangout Integration
13. much much more. (After beta release)- whiteboard functionality, Professional development communities,online classes, webinar creation etc....
Pass this on to as many teachers as possible.. Let me know if this is something you can do or you know of other teachers who can benefit from this.

I really appreciate your help on this and we're striving to change education one classroom at a time.


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Reaching your site..

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Appears we are having difficulty reaching the pages at your site. Who should we contact in regards to beta testing?


Changing education one classroom at a time

Keith, I'm not sure why your

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I'm not sure why your having trouble. is working just fine and I haven't been told there's any issues. Do you have time to speak? Please send me your contact info and we can have a quick conversation. If not just go to the link and sign up. Please let me know when you have time to speak.


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